Snowden Trailer Released – Shows the biopic as a next Oscar winner

A new Trailer released for Snowden, the Oliver Natural stone helmed biopic of a certain notorious whistleblower. This kind of conspiracy/political thriller seems right up Stone’s wheelhouse, with a cast to help, including Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the title role.

We’ve only seen little teases for the film until now, along with a delayed release from previous year, so pretty much like the X factor. Now, little bit more is known, so some musings can be done. Of course, you can view the Trailer at the end of the part, but for now, discussing dive in and see what we can potentially make of this one.

Snowden Trailor

For all those unwanted biopic of Edward Snowden, who we see go from dedicated work in the military to the work with the CIA that will make him famous/infamous, while carrying on a relationship with Lindsay Lohan.

Because he becomes increasingly more frustrated with the government’s security practices, he winds up deciding to speak out and possess the American people exactly what is happening.

Once he got outside as a whistleblower though, the response is not just what he expected. Rock obviously directs and co-writes here with Kieran Fitzgerald, he’s received a hell of a cast set up.

The Leading Cast

In addition to Gordon-Levitt and Woodley in what appears to be the juiciest roles, there’s Nicolas Cage, Scott Eastwood, Rhys Ifans, Melissa Leo, Timothy Olyphant, Zachary Quinto, Joely Richardson, Keith Stanfield, and Tom Wilkinson, among others. Cinematography here is done by Academy Award victor Anthony Dod Mantle.

Only going by the Truck, it looks like this should be closer to Stone’s highly regarded works than his also rans. Gordon-Levitt seems very good too, though his highlight could throw some off. I didn’t mind it, however, as he actually seems like Snowden.


Woodley is in a task that voters often have a sparkle too, so if the lady has the material, I’ve expect her to obtain some praise. Mostly, it just looks like a great companion piece to CitizenFour, offering up an imagined version of that award winning documentary. Supplied Stone can keep several of his conspiracy theory habits in check, there shows up to be a great deal to like here.

Speculating on awards, discover a chance this could be a pretty strong Oscar contender, assuming the reception later on this year is strong. I’d personally expect Open Road to launch campaigns in Ideal Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor or actress, Very best Supporting Actress, Best Adapted Script, Best Production Design, Greatest Cinematography, Best Film Updating, Best Hairstyling & Make-up, and Best Original Report.

I suspect Gordon-Levitt in Actor and Woodley in either Actress or Looking after Actress are the key places nominations will be result for here, though Photo obviously looms large if this is a strike. I’m not ready to call it a frontrunner, but it definitely appears like a gamer.

It’ll be a while before we fully really know what to packaging of Snowden, but My spouse and i think there’s reason to be optimistic here. Natural stone is rarely a humdrum filmmaker, both Gordon-Levitt and Woodley are due for Oscar love, Academy arrêters usually dig this type of materials, and the Trailer itself looks like we’re heading to about the movie overall.

We’ll see more in the coming several weeks, of course, as is actually not hitting theaters until the fall, but I’d personally keep an eye away just for this one, if I actually were you. The Truck is below, but sit down tight for plenty more on this film. It can one to anticipate.

Congratulations to Alexandra Breckenridge, as she expects a new baby soon!

The walking dead alum, who tied the knot with Casey Hooper in September 2015 in a small ceremony is expecting her first child with her lead guitarist husband.

She was very excited to reveal her pregnancy, and also the sex of her baby on her twitter and Instagram page on Tuesday, April 19.

Breckenridge pregnant

The caption “someone doesn’t want to hide in his mom’s tummy anymore.” have indicated that perhaps she has discovered that the baby will be a boy.

The mother-to-be shared a selfie posing in front of a mirror in a befitting black dress that draws attention to her growing bump. Surprise, it appears like she cannot hide it anymore , and she obviously does not want to. She is totally showing off her pregnancy curves and we love it!

The 33 years old actress who played the role of Jessie Anderson in “The Walking Dead, made her first appearance with the zombie drama in season 5 Episode 12 and then her role exited when Jessie was gotten rid of in season 6 of the same movie.

Breckenridge pregnant

Jessie Anderson had two children with her violent husband Pete Anderson in Alexandria on The Walking Dead. They had an adorable preteen, Sam and a hot-tempered teenager, Ron. Her exit from the movie may possibly have been for the best because to be sincere , fighting off zombies during apocalypse is no place for a pregnant woman . Even though it would have been very interesting should Jesse Anderson be still alive.

In the meantime, it appears that pregnancy and a new baby will keep Alex hands pretty full.

This is Alexandra Breckenridge first child with Casey Hooper, and we can only imagine how immense the excitement will be. Up till now, there is no news yet on her delivery date.

She has already received many tons of well wishes to give her their congratulations.

Congratulations to the family for their growing family.

Get Hailee Steinfield’s SESSAC Pop Awards Look


Don’t you simply love following your favorite celebrities? The celebrities are fashionistas and are stylized by expert stylists from the industry who know what looks voguish and trendy. The celebrities are actually trend-setters for most of the youth nowadays. It is not a bad idea to get inspiration from a celebrity’s look at a red carpet which you can follow on an important occasion like a prom night, a girl’s day out or a fun date night with your guy.

SESAC Awards

The celebrities are actually the best illustration of latest trends, so they can help you have an amazing makeover for any event you like. A very stylish and elegant actress is Hailee Steinfield, who gained fame for her role as Mattie Ross in 2010 for the movie True Grit. She was also nominated for the academy awards for her role in this movie. Her roles are versatile and inspirational as she infuses life into the fictional characters.

At the tender age of 19, she has touched the skies and proved that age is just a number. She comes from a family of fitness trainers which explains why she has an amazing body girls would simply die to have.

SESSAC Pop Awards Look

Her SESAC Pop Awards Look

She is not only known for her slender figure and powerful acting but what sets her apart and helps her to shine out from the sea of celebrities is her amazing fashion sense. She is always dressed to perfection and her makeover is always unique, classy and modish.

She carries everything she wears with so much elegance that it looks more special. However, if you try to steal her style statement, it will help you look awesome and drop dead gorgeous. Now let’s have a look at her SESAC Pop Awards look which caught the attention of many stylists around the globe and all for the right reasons.

They were highly impressed by the style statement of this young actress as she was dressed as an epitome of the perfect blend of class with funk.

She wore an amazing purple wrap dress which looked extremely sophisticated. The dress had musical instruments all over it which added funk to the chic looking dress to help the actress look as young and lively as she actually is.

Her Retro Waves

However, the most amazing part about her entire outlook was her retro waves that made her look stylish and cool at the same time. Her hair was done by the expert hairdresser Sara Potempa, who also mentioned stylizing this stunning lady on her social media account.

Such curls are amazing for absolutely any occasion as they don’t look very formal or very casual. They provide the perfect look for lunches, formal dinners or a party.

If you want to copy her look then you need to keep in mind that her curls are very loose. Thus, once when you are done with the curling rod, then you need to run your fingers through the curls to help them look loose and you can get the same look.

Final Verdict

Hence, if you loved her hairdo as much as we did you definitely need to do your hair this way over the weekend.

Superman vs Batman – Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was released in the United States on March 25, 2016. It was long-awaited since it was the very first time the Man of Steel and The Dark Night were going to meet on screen.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was directed by Zack Snyder and includes a great cast. You can see Ben Affleck performing as Batman, Henry Cavill as Superman, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, as well as Laurence Fishburne, Amy Adams, Jeremy Irons, Diane Lane, Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller, Ray Fisher, Harry Lennix, Holly Hunter, Jason Momoa, Scoot McNairy, and  more.

batman v superman

The movie starts as a follow-up on the Man of Steel of 2013 when Metropolis citizens and the world is wondering about how good Superman is, acting as a god on Earth. So, this movie is also a re-introduction of Batman himself.


After the destructive attack from Man of Steel, Batman sees Superman as a threat to humanity so he starts attacking him as Clark Kent.

During the movie, Lex Luthor manipulates Superman (even kidnapping his adoptive mother Martha) so that he fights against Batman, who he wants to destroy. Behind all this is Lex Luthor, Superman’s number 1 enemy, who is trying to get his hands on kryptonite.

After a few action scenes, you finally realize that Lex Luthor is trying to stop Superman once and for all, by creating animosity between him and Batman.

batman v superman

At the end of the movie, Superman dies, including Clark Kent. His family holds a funeral for him but when they all leave the cemetery, the dirt around Clark’s coffin starts to levitate.

It almost seems like they’re already leaving everything open to a sequel of the movie. But who knows? Nothing better than the results achieved by the movie to see the potential for it to get a sequel…

When Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was released in late March, it set some records. It reached around $170.1 million at the box office, which was a record for the month. Speaking globally, it made nearly around $424.1 million. These numbers were achieved only during March. However, after the first week, the criticisms arrived.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice just isn’t what people were expecting. Most people saw it as a boring, unstructured, and humorless movie. So, it’s not really surprising that the film experienced a historic drop in the second week. No one questions the visual effects and how the main characters were interpreted (even by people who don’t usually like these actors). But they all seem to agree on something: the story is very complicated and the director doesn’t do a good job explaining it. It lacks a connection between the different stories going out at once and people just don’t like that.

But there are also people who enjoyed the movie. They had fun, they thought the story was compelling, interesting and easy to follow on.

One thing is for sure: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has a historic drop in the second week and this means something.

Melissa Rauch shows her Comedic Chops in “The Bronze”

If you have watched The Big Bang Theory, then you must have been a fan of Melissa Raunch. She has been an object on that expose for some time now as a squeaky spoken Bernadette Rostenkowski, nonetheless this weekend, A whole new proceed with The Bronze makes Rauch shows off her skills. She co-wrote and stared in The Bronze.

Melissa Rauch do comedy

It debuted final year a Sundance Film Festival, with a redeem finally opening a proceed on Friday. A whole new audience should be broached to her, because of this film.

The Bronze is a raunchy comedy based on the former Olympic gymnastics bronze medalist Hope Ann Gregory (Rauch). She grew adult in a little city and radically critical in a state of arrested development. Her father (Gary Cole) mostly encourages her, nonetheless when a juvenile lady in city (Haley Lu Richardson) appears set to be a successive vast Olympic thing. Hope is the only thing that makes her shine.

For this, she becomes her trainer. Bryan Buckley leads from a book that Rauch co-wrote with Winston Rauch. As for a rest of a cast, in serve to Cole, Rauch, Richardson, and Stan, it includes Craig Kilborn, Thomas Middleditch, Dale Raoul, Cecily Strong, and many others. The film itself might seem off the topic sometimes, with the addition of some jokes that not seem as humorous as the filmakers hope, but still Rauch as an thespian can mostly make it work.

I’d venerate to see her get a probability to tackle a vast shade comedy of this arrange with a book from someone a bit some-more polished, as she’s got a chops to be a force in Hollywood. An enchanting tease is the illustration of what Rauch is means of. Although, this film is humorous enough to work and Rauch stays the top of all as a comedian.

For you, this week, The Bronze is the funny option for you after it is released. If you go to see it, then see it for Rauch, who is doing very well to become a comedy star in the next years. She’s already a big star in The Big Bang Theory s, so a transition to film is only a matter of time for her.

If she ever gets the chance to hook up with someone like Judd Apatow, then watch out, because that could bring a huge comedy hit in the theatre. In the meantime, give a shot to this film and see what you think about it. I know you’ll find it to be funny and amusing enough to touch your heart or worth your time. For me, Rauch would be the only one for whom I would go and watch this comedy shot, The Bronze.

But don’t get me wrong, it is a long enough shot.You’d surely look for it to wind up happening, if anything ends up coming of this during the precursors.

So be sure to check out this comedy shot, The Bronze, this Friday!